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Why to convert our 
             LPs, singles and tapes to CDs ?

Music has been with us for many years and throughout this way we gathered many records of our preferred singers, concerts, hits, orchestras and many others.

This music represents a little treasure for us or a nice memory of our life. Listening to it again evokes us feelings we lived.

But it's difficult more and more to be able to listent to it. We are worried about to damage the vinyl when we put it on the turntable another time. It's difficult to find turntables and parts and we konw that the trend is that they will disappear of the market.

The solution is to record our LPs, singles and cassette tapes to CDs.

To do it we will remove "clicks", "plops" and  other impurities without modifying nor distorting the original sound.
We will split each LP song into one CD track. And we will normalize the volume so that the new CD sounds at equal volume than commercial CDs when we play it on our home player.

On the CD surface we will put the image corresponding to the front side of the LP cover.

We will keep the new CD in a minicover (we name it miniLP ) sized 12.5cm x 12.5cm, the same that the LP cover but in little size. Or if you prefer it in the usual CD jewel case . In both cases, miniLP or jewel case, we will put the front image and the back image of the LP cover.

We can make compilations , for example grouping as far as 8 singles in one CD and creating a minicover (12,5cm x 12,5cm) to keep the CD with the images of the singles (4 images in each side).

We want to highlight that during all the conversion process we take a special care about quality, both for sound and for image.